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Own It | Fannie Mae

In 2017, Fannie Mae introduced a new mortgage program designed to get younger people into homes. The problem? Fannie Mae had never spoken to millennials directly before and needed a digital campaign to excite and engage this demographic in the home-buying process. We created the “Own It” campaign — designed to get millennials excited about the endless freedom that comes with owning, and show them that owning is now more achievable than ever with this new mortgage option.

Fannie Mae was originally expecting a standard banner campaign, but we were so excited about this product, that we created 3 online video spots and leveraged those to create a series of online assets. The spots feature cheeky storylines targeted at three micro-demographics (general pet-loving millennials, engaged/newlywed couples, expectant couples/new parents), and use a mix of live-action and stop-motion to engage the viewer. These videos ran on cross-channel devices like Roku and Apple TV, and were also hosted and shared by Fannie Mae. The digital banners leverage frames from these videos to mimic the stop-motion animations. We also created a landing page experience, radio spots, and additional social posts.