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Irresistible Mail | USPS

“When paper and pixels converge, its irresistible.”

With the decline of the traditional mail piece, the United States Postal Service needed a way to get businesses engaged and excited about sending direct mail. In the past, MRM created a book with each spread demonstrating tactile printing techniques combined with revolutionary technology that would engage users. USPS presented us with a unique challenge this year – create 10 fake companies that would benefit from direct mail, and show us what their DM would look like. My partner and I were given three industries — auto, banking, and cable — to create the most beautiful DM pieces the world had ever seen. Our fake auto company used NFC technology to launch a promotional video. A QR code was implemented in our banking DM to encourage users to save with their children. And we created hypnotic character cards for a cable show that became augmented reality triggers to launch a trailer. Each piece incorporated a unique printing technique like glow-in-the-dark ink or perforations to elevate our stories.