senior creative

Connect4 | Emirates

Emirates’ 4th daily flight from JFK offers passengers even more connections to over 140 global destinations. With news this amazing, we needed to create something big to stop New Yorkers in their tracks. We built a 20-foot tall Connect4 board in Herald Square and invited New Yorkers to play for a chance to win business class tickets. The game didn’t stop after the event. We then had an Instagram scavenger hunt in which users searched over 100 images in order to find the hidden game chip for a chance to win economy tickets.

How it works: On a cold day in March, contestants were invited to come play Connect4. Each participant was entered to win 2 Business Class tickets to anywhere Emirates flies.

After the event, New Yorkers searched through a Connect4 Instagram feed to find the missing game piece. With help from the Cabin Crew, users navigated through 4 Emirates destinations to find the winning tile.