Fist Bumps

Here’s what people are saying about me:

“If you looked up a definition of Amber in Webster’s Dictionary it would say: A stellar art director who is hard working, conceptual, a team player, a joy to be around, plays well with others, makes wonderful cheesecake and has just the right amount of purple in her hair.”
– Joel Bloom, Creative Director, Atmosphere Proximity BBDO

“It’s been a pleasure having Amber working at Enne Bi Communications. Amber is a positive, talented and very fast learning young woman. She is a very creative designer, and very knowledgeable in all the various aspects of design, photography, web development and video productions. Amber has been our project manager and art director for over 2 years. I would recommend her to any company looking for a dedicated and reliable employee.”
— Nick Biliotti, Owner, Enne Bi Communications

“Amber is a joy to work with. I have learned so much from her abundant knowledge while working with her at Enne Bí Communications. Not only is she dedicated with every assignment she is working on, but she is super organized, which is a huge addition to the company. In the office and out of the office, Amber has a wonderful, funny personality and I am blessed to be working with her.”
— Sarah Rummelhoff, Marketing Intern, Enne Bi Communications

“Amber is an extremely talented Designer with the rare ability to see the larger picture of Creative Direction. She has a solid understanding of design and the tools required and available to get the results she requires. Amber would be an asset to any creative team and it was a pleasure working with her.”
— Blake Hardin, President, Harbinger

“I recommend Amber without hesitation. She is extremely talented and would be a great asset to any creative department and/or project. Amber consistently produced great work while at Harbinger and was a pleasure to work and collaborate with.”
— Hal Bowles, Partner, Harbinger

“Working with Amber proved to be a great experience. She is very creative, imaginative and always had a positive and cheerful attitude. She developed concepts into final design products – always ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Amber for graphic design and illustrator positions.”
— Michael Chase, Partner, Harbinger

“I had the pleasure of working with Amber on a number of difficult assignments at RBW. What impressed me so much was her unbridled enthusiasm and her ability to think from a place that was fresh, original and completely unexpected. This in addition to being flexible. No matter what the project she always delivered whether it was an ad, banner ad, DM piece or guerrilla. Amber is truly a breath of fresh air. She would be a valuable addition to any creative department. And hands down she has the coolest self-promo piece I’ve ever seen.”
— Dean Logan, Art Director, RBW

“Even as an intern, Amber always seemed to understand things at a level you normally see in mid-to-senior creatives. She had a lot of conceptual projects thrown at her and she always handled them with fresh thinking and very creative execution. She seemed years beyond her age and experience. And she was a pleasure to work with!”
— Mike Allen, Group Creative Director, RBW

“Amber was a student in several of my classes at RIT, where she was a BFA candidate in the Graphic Design program. Amber was always ready for any project, any new adventure, always with a ready smile and great attitude. She has a good work ethic and eye for good design and loves a challenge. Amber is dependable and responsible and is eager to work hard and help out wherever and whenever possible.She would be an asset to any design organization.”
— Lorrie Frear, Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Amber is smart. Amber is ambitious. Amber has potential. Take a long look at Amber Wing!”
— Mike Mooney, Adjunct Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

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